While selling during the holiday season is not on the top of most homeowners’ lists, there are still many reasons you might choose to, or need to, list your home for sale this time of year. As a holiday gift, we’re sharing 12 tips from Marie Flaherty to make your home show-ready in any season. First up is a question we hear frequently this time of year:

I know that staging my home to make things neutral, etc. can help it sell. But does that mean I shouldn’t decorate for the holidays?

Marie’s answer: I do recommend that all of my listing clients stage their homes, as staged homes sell faster, and for higher prices, than non-staged homes — but staging can be compatible with holiday decorations. Here are five tips for striking the right balance:

1. Stage first, then add holiday touches.

2. Create a welcoming feel with a tree, a wreath, and simple holiday decorations that complement your decor.

3. Keep your home warm and well-lit.

4. Don’t forget the exterior. Keep the driveway and walkways clear and add a special touch at the entry such as a pot of greens and a simple bow.

5. And as recommended at any time of the year, keep it clean.

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