You’ve taken the time to prepare your home and have it professionally staged, the photographer just left… now what?To preserve your investment in professional staging and ensure it’s on-point not just for photos but for upcoming showings too, it helps to make a plan to keep your home show-ready. Here are some tips I’d suggest:

Immediately after the stager leaves:

  1. Photograph it — take a photo of each room with your phone so you’ll remember what touches are needed before you leave the house for a showing. The pillows and throws on your sofa or bed often are rearranged as you live in your home, so the photos help.
  2. Create an essentials stash — Keep a basket at the door for items that you collect as you prepare to leave the house. Take the basket with you and bring it back when you return. You’ll never forget where those items were placed.

Each day before you leave the house:

  1. Leave it bright and shiny — Wipe down all surfaces including the refrigerator handle and entry door handle to be sure they shine.
  2. Freshen the powder room — Be sure to keep toilet seats down and surfaces clean.
  3. Give it a quick spiff — A quick dusting and vacuum, and you’re off! In most cases, you’ll know well ahead of time if buyers would like to see the house; but for last minute requests, you’ll be glad to have kept the staging up. For a more in-depth strategy for concealing clutter fast, check out last week’s blog post.

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