Winslow Green: A Closer Look at the Pride Layout

All units at Winslow Green have now been sold! Should you be interested in similar properties or looking for guidance on buying a new home, contact Marie Flaherty for additional information.   Read more

5 Tips for Maintaining a Staged Home

You’ve taken the time to prepare your home and have it professionally staged, the photographer just left… now what?To preserve your investment in professional staging and ensure it’s on-point not just for photos but for upcoming showings too, it helps to make a plan to keep your home show-ready. Here… Read more

How to Conceal Clutter Before a Showing

  Last minute showing request? They’re in the neighborhood now, looking at the house down the street? Yikes! Here a few quick dos and don’ts for concealing clutter and achieving show-ready condition… fast. DON’T: –Stuff everything in closets. This may work for last-minute company; but showing your home is a different… Read more

A quick depersonalization checklist for sellers (12 Days of Staging – Day 4)

  When preparing your home for sale, some stagers will recommend that you completely neutralize your environment, removing all family photos, taste-specific items, collections, etc. And for a lot of home sellers, the thought of going through that process sounds terrible. Here’s my philosophy on the issue: while it is… Read more

The #1 way to self-sabotage your home sale (12 Days of Staging – Day 3)

  The photos look great. The stage is set. Pillows are perfectly fluffed and chopped. Showing requests pour in, and you anxiously await the first offer. But then… crickets. Showings are frequent but seem to move fast, and the feedback is vague and unhelpful. What might be happening here? It… Read more

7 ways to improve your kitchen, without remodeling (12 Days of Staging – Day 2)

  It’s true – when showing a home, the kitchen is almost always the showstopper. And it makes sense – it’s both the most functional room in the house, and the one people tend to gather in. The kitchen has a lot going on. And because of the function, form,… Read more

12 Days of Staging 2017

While selling during the holiday season is not on the top of most homeowners’ lists, there are still many reasons you might choose to, or need to, list your home for sale this time of year. As a holiday gift, we’re sharing 12 tips from Marie Flaherty to make your… Read more

Photo of newly built colonial in Falmouth Maine
Can’t find it? Design it! 5 Reasons to consider building new

For most new home buyers, the journey to finding that perfect property begins with a list of must-haves and deal-breakers. For some, it’s a mental list; for others, it’s a dashed-off email; and for a few overachievers it’s a multi-tabbed spreadsheet (which may or may not involve a points system).… Read more

Here’s how that extra “spring forward” daylight can flatter your home

In Southern Maine, late spring to mid-summer (April to July) is the busiest season for home sales, making March the month when many buyers begin to search for homes. Sellers who list in March tend to fare well, thanks to low competition and a full buyer pool – but many… Read more

City or Suburb? Marie’s Residential Report – February 2015

It’s one of the first questions I ask of new house hunters. Immediate lifestyle and long-term plans play a role in how they answer, with resale value often top of mind as well.

For people on the fence, this Wall Street Journal article from last month makes the point that while raw census data shows … Read more

Khan Academy is posting real estate lessons!

We love Khan Academy (if you haven’t heard of it, read this article in Forbes) and we were so excited to see that they’ve begun posting real estate tutorials (the great majority of their classes are math & science). Check out their 8-minute Making an offer on a Home video below.… Read more

Cozy nooks and quiet spaces – Marie’s Residential Report Jan. 2014

In her book Quiet: the power of introverts in a world that can’t stop talking, author Susan Cain spends a lot of time discussing one of my favorite topics: real estate. Read more

When Old Becomes New Again: Learn about Adaptive Reuse in Marie’s Residential Report

I like to think Portland, Maine was destined to hit this trend out of the park.
We’ve been rewarding recycling for decades (does anyone else feel proud to see “ME Refund” on a bottle while traveling?) Read more

Marie’s Residential Report – June 2013 – the Benefits of Brick

In this month’s version of Marie’s Residential Report, we learn why two savvy Falmouth homeowners insisted on brick. Read more

Bidding Wars are Back!

Things are heating up in the market! Check out these tips from Forbes Magazine on how to come out on top in a bidding war. All great tips – we can say from experience that they work. Here’s the link: Bidding Wars are Back!   Read more

How much money do you need to save to buy a house in Maine?

When considering a home purchase, the most sobering question is usually “how much will I need to put down?” There are some other upfront costs involved in a home purchase, but those can usually be minimized, financed, and/or … Read more

Portland Showcased in Wall Street Journal Feature

When the Wall Street Journal highlighted the best scenic routes that pilots take to give their passengers a treat, the approach to Portland International Airport (PWM) over Portland Head Light made both the cover page of the Personal Journal section and the teaser on page A1 of the paper Read more

Is the Real Estate Rebound for Real?

The Wall Street Journal ran this article Saturday on the front page of their Weekend Investor section. It’s good and timely reading – not just about sales numbers and prices, but also about becoming a landlord, the renewed appeal of REITs, and whether it might be time to take another… Read more

Four Factors that Affect Your Home’s Value

As the positive news about gains in Greater Portland’s housing market begins to spread, more homeowners are thinking for the first time in years about putting their home on the market. When considering whether a sale is worthwhile right now, it is important to consider four factors: The three most… Read more