In Southern Maine, late spring to mid-summer (April to July) is the busiest season for home sales, making March the month when many buyers begin to search for homes. Sellers who list in March tend to fare well, thanks to low competition and a full buyer pool – but many hesitate because they feel their home will show better when the grass is green.

While it can be hard to tackle outdoor projects with piles of snow, a bright and welcoming indoor space can largely make up for lack of curb appeal. And the late winter light provides an excellent (and effortless!) way to make your interior sparkle.

Whether you’re looking to list your home or just give it a spiff for your own enjoyment, check out these ideas for how extra afternoon light can help your property look its best:



Let the sun shine in
Be sure any curtains are pushed aside and blinds pulled up to drench your rooms in flattering sunlight: east in the morning, west in the evening. Vitamin D, anyone?

Leverage the power of reflection
Emphasize light in darker rooms by using mirrors, low light plants, and glass fixtures. You’ll be amazed at how much these accents will reflect the rich afternoon glow. Sunlight radiates all the colors from the light spectrum, so its reflections will feel much more welcoming than those from artificial lights.

Give Mother Nature a head start
Although your landscape and garden may still be buried under a foot of snow, you can start spring early indoors. Even if you’re not a dedicated gardener, small pots of seedlings placed around your home will bring life and energy into the space – and serve as a reminder that warmer days are just around the corner.

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