New Construction

Ahhh… new.

The fresh start. The warranties. The ability to tailor everything to you.

The freedom from unexpected replacements and DIY-filled weekends.

Building a home requires a little extra planning and work upfront, but it may be a more viable option than you thought.

We’ve been building and helping others build homes for over 30 years now, so when you’re ready for the peace of mind that comes with a fresh new space, know that we’re here to help you make it happen.

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New construction allows you to:

-Achieve very specific criteria or preferences without post-purchase capital improvements

-Specify and work within a total budget

-Use the latest materials and techniques

-Choose options and fixtures that fit your style

-Incorporate energy-efficient components

-Not worry about anyone else’s deferred maintenance

-Rest assured that your home meets the current safety code

-Start the clock from zero on appliance and workmanship warranty timelines



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The process of new construction starts with a meeting. You, us, and your builder. At that first meeting, we discuss:

-plans and preferences

-budget constraints

-financing options



-any questions you have

From there, we’ll work together to develop plans and building specifications along with pricing. When you’ve decided on a package, the next step is to identify a piece of land.

Sometimes, the builder will purchase the land and resell it to you with the house; other times, they’ll look for you to purchase it (this can be done as part of a construction loan).

Once the land has been secured, the building process can begin. Steps include (in general order, with overlap in many cases):

-clearing the lot

-ground work

-connecting utilities

-road work




-exterior shell (roofing, siding, windows, doors)


-landscaping & hardscaping





-finish carpentry (trim, cabinetry)


-appliance installations

-final fixture installations

-inspections & certificate of occupancy

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Building a home has never been so affordable.

Many builders today offer turn-key construction, eliminating the need for heavy down payments (20 percent or more) and logistics like disbursements to contractors, multiple inspections, or the need to refinance into an end loan. 

With the turn-key option, the builder finances the project and is fully responsible for quality design and completion. They own the house until it’s done, and then they sell it to you.

In exchange, though, many do require a deposit or some sort of collateral to balance their own risk. This is often higher if your design choices are very tailored and taste-specific.  Most builders are reasonable about this – they just want to know that once they build a home to your specifications, you’ll definitely be buying it.

New Construction & Land Listings